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New Barn Cars now and then

New Barn Cars has been running in Cheltenham for over 20 years. Originally a car sales and repair garage which predominately dealt with repairing the sales fleet and dealing with warranty issues. Two owners were involved, one on the sales side and the other, the garage.

With business doing well the team purchased a new unit in a brand new trade estate (Neptune Business Centre) and were actually they very first on the site around 10 years ago. This new location meant a new start, a new image safeguarding for the future. With brand new MOT equipment and two test lanes, x2 five tonne lifts and 3 four tonne lifts we could take on anything and everything!

As always things change, time goes on and the sales partner had to sell up, We bought him out around 4 years ago and stopped the sales side all together (a welcome change).

Now we are Cheltenham's leading Porsche and Land Rover specialists. We are also very well known for dealing with motorhomes and large vans, tippers and flatbeds because we are one for the only class 7 MOT centres and probably the longest running in Cheltenham!

2 years ago a new general manager started with us, Adam King. His knowledge and skills in the industry has pushed us forward even more so. He has built a website, created an online booking system and a social media presence which is a must in this day and age. He rebranded New Barn Cars with a new logo, business cards etc as well, as well as streamlining the workshop running and processes.

The future is looking bright and positivity is the key. Stay posted!

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