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Wheel alignment

Front or 4 wheel 3D digital alignment

  • 1 hour
  • £49-£72-as discussed
  • Neptune Business Centre

Service Description

Hit a pot hole? Car pulling one way or the other, tyres wearing unevenly? Chances are your wheel alignment is out of adjustment. 95% of all cars we check require the wheels adjusted back to where they should be (running true to the road). We advise having this done to your vehicle once a year (every 10k) or every time you hit a pothole or the likes. We often find the adjustable components are worn and seized stopping us from doing an exact job. If this is the case we stop and explain why before coming to an agreement to proceed. If feel it cannot be done without extra repair work there will be no charge for bringing this to your attention.

Contact Details

  • Cheltenham Porsche, Neptune Business Centre, Cheltenham GL51 9FB, UK


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